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1.        One needs to get a Proposer who must be a current member of Muthaiga Golf Club and has held such membership for more than three years.  The account of the member must also be “Clean” i.e. without any overdue arrears.

2.         The proposer, on writing an introduction letter to the General Manager, shall be provided with a “Proposer’s Form” which should be filled by the proposer and returned to the General Manager.

3.         The General Manager shall on receipt of the Proposer’s Form (dully filled) send out an application from to the proposer but this form should be filled by the applicant.  Once fully filled the form should be returned to General Manager with a Kshs 20,000 (Application fee) payment.  Once the form is received the applicant shall be invited to meet the membership committee accompanied by proposer and thereafter name of the applicant shall be posted on the notice board for a minimum of 30 days.  Upon finishing the 30 days on the notice board the proposer is called to introduce the applicant to the Board of Directors after which one is balloted to become a full member of the Club.

4.         Upon election as a new member the applicant shall be required to pay: -

            Entrance Fees                KShs 454,000

            Development Levy        KShs   30,000

            Chit Deposit                    KShs   20,000

            Equipment Levy              KShs   36,000

                 Total            KShs 540,000


            For joint membership

             Entrance Fees              -   KShs 648,000

            Development Levy      -   KShs   60,000

            Chit Deposit                -   KShs   40,000

            Equipment Levy         -    KShs   72,000

            Total                      KShs 820,000

            This amount is paid within 30 days upon election as a member.


Entrance Fees   Kshs 100,000

Chit Deposit     Kshs   60,000

Subscription       Kshs   40,000

                         Total               KShs 200,000


         Michael Mukayagi,    


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