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Muthaiga Golf Club is a membership club that is run by a management team and staff under the policy guidance of a board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has appointed sub-committees which provide management leadership in specific areas of Club activities.

These board committees report to the Board Chairman. The Board is the link between the management and the general membership.
These sub committees are, Audit Risk & Governance, Finance and Administration, House, Golf & Course, and Membership.


2016-2017 Directors Directors
Chairman Anthony Monyo (Dr.)
Captain  Alex Gitari 
Lady Captain Gale Brackenridge
Agnes Wanjiru 
David Mwindi 
Evans Vitisia

Joe Mureithi 

Kaburu Mwirichia ( Eng.)

Mercy Wambugu (Eng.) 

Philip Ochola

Snehal Patel 



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Conditions in Muthaiga
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